How about English?

I am Wiebke – counsel, dog-lover, PhD-student and „recovering control-freak“.

I have always been interested in the way people create their lives the way they do and what drives them emotionally. Probably that’s why I focus on emotions in my PhD thesis which I hope to finish in 2019 (more information will follow).

The time I spend abroad and, in the case of writing, dealing with my own feelings of frustration, sadness and joy, taught me great deal about myself. I learned that I have perseverance and that my own intuition is the best guide there is – no matter the rules and you-have-to-do-it-that-way-advices you get.

So my way of counseling focuses on our own inner strength, abilities and gut feeling. You know everything you need to know. I am the one who points it out for you.

Today I count myself lucky to work with people who…

  • are highly sensitive
  • want to learn more about this particular gift of perception
  • find themselves confronted with challenges and/or changes in their lives and wish for an endearing perspective
  • want to look out for themselves by reflecting upon their own desires, wishes and needs – and who want to advocate them

How do we go about?
If you want to learn more about me and what I have in store for you, feel free to write an email: or call me: 0157-58073417.

Before agreeing on working together, I’d like to meet you in person. This way, both of us get the chance to talk about the issues you’d like to bring in and whether or not we feel comfortable. Usually, I plan on meeting over a cup of coffee or whatever at a place you feel comfortable. This first meeting is free of charge! 

If we want to work together, we make an appointment which usually takes 90 minutes in a one-on-one session (120€). Some clients like to work in an intensive way with appointments planned out in advance; others like to take a break between meetings and  approach me spontaneously. That’s up to you!  

I’m looking forward to meeting you!

„Wiebke is a very good critical and empathic listener. She’s engaged in the conversations and is not biased by preconceived ideas. Her ability to understand my point of view and deconstruct what’s being said, while stimulating the thinking process and providing support until I am able to get enough clarity to figure out what needs to be done in order to make a decision/recognize an issue etc., has been the key of success for our sessions. Wiebke’s style of work and strong ethics appeal to me a lot and I am happy to see the positive outcome after the sessions we’ve had.“